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Build Your Fitness With A Stair Step Series Of Methodical, Progressive Challenges

If you want to keep jumping into every fad fitness workout that comes along and don’t care about losing large chunks of time (and your hard earned fitness) to nagging injuries and burnout, then keep following the fads.  But if you want to get lean and fit and stay fit, stop getting injured, and maybe train for a specific event, then opt for Periodization Training

Basically, the Periodization model builds your fitness up with a stair step series of methodical, progressive challenges and recoveries that strengthen your body and keep brain and brawn fresh.  Read More

Herbalife 5 Weeks To 5K

Looking to set yourself a new weight management or fitness goal. A 5k  is fun, sociable and achievable!

herbalife 5 weeks in 5kThis comprehensive 5k training programme will give you all of the information you need to get you running your first 5K race in just 5 weeks. We have organised it based on three ability levels – beginner, for someone who’s never run before; intermediate, for someone who is moderately active; and advanced, for someone who considers themselves fairly active and is looking to improve his or her fitness and running time. You will learn the importance of a healthy, active life, as well as how fitness, nutrition and lifestyle work hand-in-hand to help you achieve your goals. Whether you’re new to running or already do cardio a few times a week, this program will take you from 0 to 5K in style successfully.

As with Herbalife24FIT, the “5 Weeks to 5K” program utilises the basics of periodisation training, which is one of the most established and timetested training methods in the sports world. By systematically increasing your training load and allowing for necessary rest to promote muscle adaptation, you will gradually build fitness in a sustainable way. Unlike most programs, we want you to avoid starting out too fast. Our goal is to get you race-ready without becoming mentally frustrated, physically tired or, even worse, injured.

Herbalife 5k Training Plan

Exercise Plans For Weight Loss

Trying to lose weight through increased activity alone is tough to do. To lose a pound in a week’s time – strictly through exercise – you’d need to burn up an extra 500 calories a day, above and beyond your current activity level.  That’s no small task.  You’d need to hike uphill for an hour with a 10-pound backpack or swim laps for 90 minutes – without stopping. Trying to lose weight only through increased activity – or only by cutting your calories – won’t be nearly as effective as a combination of diet and exercise.

Strength training can help to increase metabolic rate.  When people think ‘exercise’, they usually think aerobic exercise, like biking, swimming or jogging.  But strength training is important, too – in part because it helps to build lean body mass, which can bump up your metabolic rate and help offset the drop in calorie burn that takes place when you cut your calories.

The New 24 Fit Program provides a home exercise routine, combining metabolic and strength training workouts alongside a personalised nutrition program.

The  home exercise program was developed by Herbalife with the help of Robert Forster, a 2well-known physical therapist and performance specialist. Herbalife24FIT trains your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates for more efficient energy usage. It makes you a “better butter burner.”

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